Saturday, June 27, 2009

Proud to Run

This morning at 8.04am I participated in the annual "Proud to Run" 5K. It is part of the Gay Pride week festivities that lead up to the parade on Sunday.
It was a perfect morning for a run, temperature in the seventies with a nice breeze off the lake at Montrose Harbor. My friends Kyle and Kathy Tschaen joined me before the race as they were participating in the 10K section. As they say, a good run was had by all, and even though Kyle did have an aching Achilles tendon he made it through with 'legs' to spare. After the race we watched "The Righteously Outrageous Twirling Corps" strut their stuff to appropriately gay music. They were delightfully outrageous in a very disciplined and entertaining way. Most of the rest of my day will be relaxing the aching muscles of my lower extremities and remembering the fun that made the aches worthwhile.


Lisa said...

I hope the aches and pains are already a memory. :)

James said...

There are always a few the next day, but nothing that will not pass. Thanks for your concern.