Monday, June 01, 2009


Frustration is a state in which I find myself from time to time. More than I would like, but not so much as to make me worry about it. However, that does not mean that I do not think about it and contemplate strategies to minimize frustration. One approach that I found on an interesting blog entitled Kamielverwer is as follows:

The Path to Enlightenment, or how to overcome Frustration.

Welcome to these instructions to become happy. You should read
them very carefully and memorize the steps that will lead to
your individual salvation. The instructions won't do that for
you. You are the one in charge of everything. It depends on you
if you will succeed or not. I can only give you any guarantee.
That said, I present to you the basic rules that will guide you
on your very personal Path to Enlightenment.

Step one. Your life has two parts. Everything until today, and
the future. Think of everything until today, and say to yourself
that is has been utterly meaningless, that all occurred for no
special reason, that you built up exactly nothing. Your studies,
the degree with honors, your successful career - all meaningless.
Your bank account, your assets, stocks, stockings, bonds, blondes
- all hollow. All the knowledge you have accumulated, all the power
that rests in your hands - gimcrack. You have wasted all your time.

Step two. Consider your future as pure possibility. You might want
to read Robert Musil. Meditate. Whenever you get some sense of
progress, as if your past accomplishments guarantee your future
success and pave your future path - do strictly deny it. Arrive at
the absolute Present. Local time at destination: zero hours.

Step three. You will feel a proud sense of progress emerging in your
mind, despite all your efforts. You are heading towards the Nirvana,
the absolute Nothingness. You are building up quite some capital here.
Now please realize that also this is meaningless. You might feel dizzy
now. Take a deep breath.

Step four. Compare yourself with anybody and everybody you can find.
They have been more successful? They have gathered more wealth than you?
After all you've been through (steps 1 to 3, you must repeat them as often
as necessary) you can laugh about it. They have already done things you
never even dared to dream about? They have earned big bucks, their books
got published, their paintings exhibited, their skins caressed - what do
they know about step 1 to 3. Hah! We ain't afraid of them. We're in a
different league now. We're so magnificently enlightened, we are the very
essence of the Universe, touching Being with our fingertips and Nothingness
with our cramped toes. We are untouchable. Beyond frustration. Beyond comparison.
Beyond life.

I plan to think about these thoughts (rants?). Perhaps the comments are a touch ironic, perhaps a bit histrionic, but worthy of consideration in the battle against frustration.

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