Monday, December 13, 2010

My Lives: An Autobiography
My Lives: An Autobiography 

"I belong to the last generation of Americans obsessed with Europe and intimidated by it." (p 171)

The author's willingness to share his most intimate feelings is present in every section of this impressive biography. The stories of his lives, whether as a boy trying to deal with a distant father or a man sharing his body and mind with other men, contain and contrast emotions that become palpable for the reader. Can the unique experiences of a boy from the Midwest become universal for his readers whether gay or straight? Do his lives in Paris or in leather seem fantasies or real stories told in a fantastic fictional shade? I am not sure, but the beauty and strength of Edmund White's writing suggests the possibility of real lives relived through the word. This reader found that is what he wants from a writer and his expectations were met and more by the lives committed to memory and shared with the world in this astonishing autobiography.

My Lives: An Autobiography by Edmund White. HarperCollins Publishers, New York. 2006.

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