Sunday, September 05, 2010

Essential Anarchism

The Essential Works of Anarchism
The Essential Works of Anarchism

by Marshall S. Shatz

"anarchy, as it is usually understood, and a well conceived form of society without government, are exceedingly different from each other."
- William Godwin, An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice

While I am in the midst of reading Peter Kropotkin's autobiography, Memoirs of a Revolutionist, I thought I would return to an old friend in this collection of works on the topic of anarchism. Marshall Shatz's compendium, The Essential Works of Anarchism, is a comprehensive anthology of essays on anarchism. Included in this volume are classic essays on theory, including excerpts from Godwin's seminal work, as well as personal memoirs and autobiographies from thinkers such as Peter Kropotkin, Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman. Finally there are selections on the practical application of anarchism and its status in the twentieth century. Suggestions for further reading make this a well-conceived volume for anyone seriously interested in the theory, practice and history of anarchist thought.

The Essential Works of Anarchism, Marshall S. Shatz, ed. Bantam Books, New York. 1971.

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