Sunday, June 06, 2010

More on Polar Bears

While participating in the "Run for the Zoo" this morning in Lincoln Park I saw a Polar Bear, inspiring the following bit of verse.

The Bear at the Zoo

I saw a polar bear at the zoo today.
It was behind a glass wall, but that's okay
For I believe polar bears are best when they
Are safe in a place that keeps them away.

I saw the bear while running for the Zoo,
But I am certain that no matter who
The polar bear saw he did not care,
Since I don't look like another polar bear!

He was sitting in the shade and kept his eye
On the crowd outside - don't ask me why.
For I think he was really just keeping cool,
You see this Polar Bear, he was no fool!

- James Henderson


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James said...

It was a fun run this morning. Surprisingly, there were few animals out (it was about 8.30), so I was pleased when I saw the polar bear eyeing us from the shade of his ledge.