Sunday, July 29, 2007


A reunion is a time for reminiscing and reflection on the past. It is also an opportunity to meet old friends and share experiences. Last night I attended my fortieth high school reunion and did some of the above. The overall result was a good time for most, if not all, and certainly for me. Meeting friends unseen for a decade or more was wonderful and renewing current friendships in person was even better. The most moving moment of the evening for me was when I reviewed a table of memorabilia that the organizers had displayed. There, amongst some old pictures of our classmates was one who was not with us. She had died of cancer more than a decade ago and I was moved to tears as the memories of our childhood flooded into my mind. But this moment, while moving, was the only one like that of the evening. Most of the night was filled with laughter and fond memories. The stuff of which pleasant dreams are made.

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