Friday, September 05, 2014

On My Reading Table

Having recently read Theodore Dreiser's novel The "Genius" (review forthcoming), I have turned to his biography, The Last Titan by Jerome Loving,  for background information and because he is one of my favorite American novelists.  
Also on my table as September begins are:  May Sarton's Faithful are the Wounds: a novel about liberals in academia in the fifties;  Possession: a romance by A. S. Byatt, a Booker Award winner;  The Man Without Qualities, Volume 1 by Robert Musil, my long-term study group project;  and, my next science fiction selection, The Empress of Mars by Kage Baker.  I plan to be reviewing these sometime this month.


Brian Joseph said...

A very eclectic and intriguing bunch of books.

I have not read any of them but I want to read them all!

James said...

Yes, my reading is very eclectic. And for every book officially on my "reading table" there are others hiding in the corners that I may take up at any time.