Thursday, March 06, 2014

The World and the Why

I Like School

Am I a freak?
Or rather a geek?
For I absolutely have to admit,
That I like school.  I really love it!

The idea of learning the answer to why
The brook runs dry or there's blue in the sky,
Delights me no end, and is likely to send
Me to a place that I don't wish would end.

When I'm in a class I feel comfortable
For this is where I am most capable,
Exploring the issues of now and then.
Yes, that's history with its where and when.

And what about math and studying space?
There seems no more appropriate place
Than school for learning that vast expanse.
It's knowledge that will my mind entrance.

You may ask what it is that makes me this way,
When so many feel that school spoils their day.
I guess that I would quickly retort, with a reply
That for me the world's a school.  That's why.

James Henderson, The Kingdom of Music, March, 2014

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