Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Monday Poetry

Pearl of Desire

Would that there was such a thing as love--
A thing that wears a comely coat of blossoms
Sending soothing aromas with the breeze.

Would this thing evoke a feeling in one's self –
A discovery that life – his life
Fits him like a glove.

Such is the thought of one who does not dare
To speak of the life within his heart.
A life of passion, yet no one for whom to care.

Will it be able to break the stillness –
To give him cause to wonder?
What of the vision of life that is his burden?

This is the grain that irritates his soul –
A catalyst for his spirit, yet
Close to the divine that cannot be his role.

This carnal life seems to be but a dream –
A flurry of fleeting desires, evaporating
In the passing of momentary mortal eruptions.

So where does he turn when the realization
of his mortal desires grips his soul,
Rending his dreams and, with them his life?

Where does he turn to achieve the stillness
of inner peace? The answer is in
The pearl of desire that eludes his soul.

from Preludes of the Mind, James Henderson, August, 1995

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