Sunday, September 01, 2013

RIP Group Read

 Carl from Stainless Steel Droppings is hosting the eighth annual RIP or Readers Imbibing Peril read along event. This will be the first year that I am participating.

One can join in on any one of several levels.This is a fall event that officially runs from September 1st through October 31st and readers can join in, read and comment upon literature or watch and comment upon films relating to:

Dark Fantasy
Gothic Horror
Or anything sufficiently moody that shares a kinship with the above.

My plan is to read and comment upon at least one work, Wilkie Collins' The Woman in White. Perhaps I will have time for more although I already am committed to reading other books during this period.

It is a different type of endeavor than I am used to but I look forward to reading and posting about my reading.  I look forward to reading commentary from the many other participants.
Thanks to Carl for hosting this fascinating read along and thanks to Brian at Babbling Books for bringing this to my attention.


Kailana said...

I really liked The Woman in White!

James said...

Thanks for your comment. I'm looking forward to the read.

Kailana said...

The Woman in White was so good!!

beautyisasleepingcat said...

I haven't read The Woman in White yet but I think it should be really good. A great choice for RIP, that's for sure.

James said...

Thanks for your comment. I hope the choice proves to be a good one and look forward to reading about some of the other selections, including yours. said...

I've seen several people planning on Woman in White. Now I'm getting curious!

James said...

It was Collins most popular work and has never been out of print.