Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Run

Running, Detritus, and Music
"the Running Path and the Path of Life"

Socks and shirts and sandals or running shoes.  All of these and more comprise just some of the detritus that litters the side of the running path I follow on my Sunday morning run.  My own shoes safely attached to my feet make my running a breeze but what of the detritus?  What does it mean?  What of these things that litter the path - my way - singly, not in pairs?  Who were their owners and why were they orphaned and forgotten by the side of the path?  My thoughts seem torn between music and speculation on what's left in the park early in the morning between light and dark.  I've meditated before on the lake and the stars.  The moon is my favorite when it still appears on the horizon before disappearing only to return in the evening when I'm seldom there to cheer it on.

There are few who join me in the early morn and many who do venture out whisk by on their bikes leaving me the airy entrails of their passing.  Some, the runners passing in the opposite direction sometimes even say hello, but that is rare, and before long I am going in their direction - it is no longer my opposite.  All the while I am ensconced in my personal musical world.  In this I enjoy what Gustav Mahler thought was a world where thoughts are fresher, deeper, and more accurate for having been embodied in music.  In that he meant that music can cut though to the inner personality in a way more familiar and, perhaps, worn out words may not.  To the extent that music embodies emotions, and that is to a great extent, it can be an internal motivator or perhaps just a companion on the trail.  Along with the moon music may allow the runner to engage his body in a spiritual quest along the path - the running path and the path of life.

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Parrish Lantern said...

Thoughts of a similar nature pass through my mind, but in my case I'm one of those cyclists who slips through the air as though I could possibly slide the links that maintain me earthbound, although I rarely listen to music as I'm surrounded by mortals in their metal gods & it's not safe (unless I head off road on my Mtb).