Sunday, June 03, 2012

Polar Bear, Redux

Run for the Zoo

We ran for the zoo again this year
For the umpteenth time so I had no fear.
The course ran up and then ran down
first on Stockton and then on crackling ground.
We ran around for a bit till we turned in at the Zoo.

Soon it's the middle of the race and then I was there --
I turned to my right and saw a big white Polar Bear.
And just in front of that Polar Bear a bright white bird
Sat on top of a rock, his feathers glistening in the morning sun
We all were together, runners, bear, and bird,  having fun.

The bear did not notice the runners go by
As he slept in the shade in his crag on high.
But we kept going buoyed by the joy of the morning run,
Along with the sight of the Polar Bear and the bird in the sun.

James Henderson, 2012

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