Friday, April 13, 2012

Products of Men who Dream

Tall Buildings

Tall buildings, stately reminders of Vision – the culmination of the minds
of men who dream.
These are the products of generations of thought distilled by those who choose
to think for themselves.
Each man acting upon principles honed in the workshops
of men like themselves.
Men of action, who lived their dreams, created the towers we see today.

Wide boulevards remind us of those who thought for the future
and dreamt no little dreams.
Their creative processes brought forth through time renew our spirit
with the bounty of rational thought.
Self evident principles fire our own desire for the passion of the new –
thus guiding our vision and its’ purpose.
People of action, who fulfill their purpose, find Reason the way.

from Preludes of the Mind - May, 1993, James Henderson

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