Friday, September 23, 2011

Poem for Today


to Claudia

Words --
Wild words --
Wonderful words!

Words that delight --
Words that inspire.
Words with the might --
Words with the fire.

We who are moved,
We who aspire
To learn and to grow --
We wonder at words.

We are moved by the insight
And touched by the feeling
Of nurturing wonder at
Sounds in the twilight.

Sounds so wild in the roaring
Rambunctious rustling of nature --
Pouring of spirit,
Of man and his time.

Time that is telling
Stories of wonder --
What a vibrant creation
We make with words.

Words tender and caring,
Nurturing and caressing us --
Yet effervescent and exuberant
More buoyant than the clouds above.

Words bouncing boisterous and brawny,
Both brilliant and brainy --
Taunting and teasing thoughts
Out of the corners of our mind.

Words churning our curiosity,
Tugging at the strings of sensation
And memories hidden by layers
Of deeds unrecorded by time.

Time that will move us to act --
We who aspire to learn and to grow
As we find wonder hidden in words --
Leading us on to our own unique goal.

We take the words --
We catch them and use them.
Living and sensing, thinking and feeling,
We make the words our very own.

Understanding the words --
Words brighten our life.
Words then inspire us --
Each in our own time.

Words --
Wild words --
Wonderful words!

- James Henderson - January, 1992

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