Saturday, April 23, 2011

A Tiger for Malgudi (Twentieth-Century Classics)
A Tiger for Malgudi 

Whom next shall I meet in Malgudi? That is the thought that comes to me when I close a novel of Mr Narayan's. I do not wait for another novel. I wait to go out of my door into those loved and shabby streets and see with excitement and a certainty of pleasure a stranger approaching, past the bank, the cinema, the haircutting saloon, a stranger who will greet me I know with some unexpected and revealing phrase that will open a door on to yet another human existence.     — Graham Greene

Once more the great story-teller R. K. Narayan mesmerizes the reader with a tale from his humane corner of the world. It is a corner of his own creation and like other fictional worlds its stories are a delight to read. In this, short novel. we find a narrative for those who like their stories told from the animal's point of view. In this case, a Tiger for the small town of Malgudi; a tiger who is trapped first for a Circus and later sold for use in films. You will be cheering for him as he seeks his freedom. While I have read several stories about Malgudi and its denizens from the pen of R. K. Narayan this one is unique in its perspective and wit.

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mel u said...

I have recently discovered Narayan-I recently posted on two of his better known short stories-I have in my read soon que his A Tiger for Malgundi and a collection of his short stories-I enjoyed your post a lot and am now happy to be a follower of your blog

James said...

Thanks for your comment. My favorite Narayan novel is The Financial Expert and I would recommend you consider it. I plan to read the collection Malgudi Days next month and will compare notes with yours. I also enjoy your comments on the "Literary Blog Hop" questions.