Thursday, August 05, 2010

I miss the Flag

to Stephen and Walter

On a summer morning I notice the empty balcony
above. I wonder at the forlorn bushes
Standing green against the grain of the sunny

Over in the window a wilted flower stands
bereft in its brownish deadness,
Reminder of the care once given by hands
that filled the room with life,
and flowers, but now are
gone away.

But most of all I miss the flag
That flew unfurled most every day,
A reminder of the loving couple inside
and their interesting care for each other
and the world.

from 'Portraits' by James Henderson, 2010


Anonymous said...

No longer a silent reader... I do like your poetry entries. I find myself thinking about them through the next few days. Thanks

James said...

Thanks for your kind remarks. I appreciate your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just saw your lovely verse these four days later. Thank you so much! --Stephen

We do not have a flag here, but Walter's green thumb still works well. He brought morning glory seeds from the balcony in Chicago, and they are blooming all over the back porch here.

James said...

I hoped that you would appreciate the thoughts. And would recognize the balcony, the window, and most of all the flag. Glad you are sharing your morning glory flowers with your Virgina neighbors. I will look forward to seeing them also, and perhaps, someday, a flag.