Monday, February 22, 2010


from "Nocturnes"

"the life of a stranger"
- Aristotle, Politics, 1324a16

There is a why for a stranger
That becomes his star.
There is a source for his being
That beams from afar.

What is this life, if not one of thought?
Who is the thinker?
What is the ought
That each can apply to his own inner world?

Strangeness becomes familiar through nous -
Living in Logos we strive for a view
Of the world that becomes one we use
For our own life - Being becoming new.

Many are the wonders we encounter
This way. Each as a thinker
In his own way - on a journey, an outer
Life built from within. The source of our World -
Beginning becoming our Being anew.

- James Henderson, April 1993

From "Nocturnes", a collection of night thoughts in the poetic mode.

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