Monday, October 19, 2009


Remy Bumppo Theatre Company's latest production is an intriguing play from France via London. On last Friday night I attended a preview performance of Heroes by Gerald Sibleyras and translated by Tom Stoppard.
This comedy directed by James Bohnen is a small play that touches on friendship and the passing of time through a series of comic and sometimes absurd scenes between three WWI veterans. Isolated on a terrace of a Veterans' home somewhere outside Paris, three men played by David Darlow, Mike Nussbaum and Roderick Peeples exchange their memories and opinions about life inside and outside of the home. In the background of each comic moment is the aura of the end of life although, ironically, it is the oldest, Henri, played by Mike Nussbaum who is the most adventurous with his daily constitution about the grounds and his comic escapade into the girls' school next door. Philippe, with his recurring black outs helps to remind us that death may come at any moment, but even as his blackouts end with a comic moment as he revives, we can't help but think that next time he may not return. The camaraderie among the friends and the bounty of absurd comic moments make this play a pleasure. Remy Bumppo has given us another thoughtful evening of theater.

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