Saturday, September 05, 2009

Running and Postcards

Yesterday I went downtown and met with three of my former co-workers for lunch at Ceres Cafe. It was good to see Marty, Randy and Kyle (the only fellow retiree) and we had a splendid get together over lunch. Kyle is a marathoner and has encouraged my running from the beginning with mixed results. I've developed consistency in running regularly but have yet to expand into the nether regions of marathon distances (or even half-marathons). He mentioned that he enjoyed my irregular commentaries on running and then noted that his wife Kathy had received a postcard with the results of her performance in the Proud to Run 10k/5k held earlier in the summer. I had participated with them in that run so it was with some anticipation that I looked for my postcard in the mail. It was therefore no surprise when I found it in the afternoon mail along with the current issue of Runners' Magazine and the other typical junk mail.

In addition to sharing congratulations with me "on a great race" the card informed me that I finished fourth in my age division (60-64) and I was not the last runner among the either the male runners or all of the finishers (somewhere in the middle of the back of the pack!). This was encouraging news and with the official time for my run gave me a bar to set as a goal for next year - something for which to look forward. Sending the postcard may seem like a small thing, but it is a nice touch to bring closure to the race and it is more than any other organized run in which I've participated has provided. While some have sent email reminders that information is available on-line that is not quite as personal. Thus this simple postcard helped me recall the good time I had running in the sun and sharing time with my friends on that pleasant summer day. A small moment in time, but memorable nonetheless.

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