Sunday, July 19, 2009

Running and Shostakovich

As I run early in the morning the sun is just beginning to light up the horizon over the lake with dawn imminent.
Saturday morning the neck of land reaching around the northern part of Belmont Harbor showed trees that were clearly outlined while further in the distance the trees and the horizon beyond was in a mist as if painted by some long forgotten impressionist painter. The urge to stop and enjoy the view was great but I moved on at a pace dictated by the music surging through my head from the digital music player I carried in my pocket. The player, not much bigger than a business card, was playing the first movement of Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony. For almost forty years one of my favorites, it expresses the tension and arc of a lifetime with moments of sublime beauty that rival nature's dawn. A large section of the movement has a strong pulsating beat over which the violins play a soaring beautiful melody. This music enhanced my run providing a beat for my own movement; one that I attempted to synchronize with my body's motion.
I enjoy running at the dawn with music I love. It is one of life's better moments.


Damon Young said...

I will try this. Thanks, James.

James said...

Happy running!