Monday, February 23, 2009

A Stanza On Keats

from Ego Dominus Tuus

His art is happy but who knows his mind?
I see a schoolboy when I think of him,
With face and nose pressed to a sweet-shop window,
For certainly he sank into his grave
His senses and his heart unsatisfied,
And made—being poor, ailing and ignorant,
Shut out from all the luxury of the world,
The coarse-bred son of a livery stablekeeper—
Luxuriant song.


Murr said...

Thanks for introducing me to this poem, James. Yeats on Keats, one of my heroes writing about another.

James said...

I share your love for the poetry of both bards. The sentiment is in a very recognizable Yeats' style, and captures Keats so well.