Monday, June 16, 2008

The Misanthrope

The spirit of Moliere was alive at the Theater on the Lake yesterday evening. Thanks to a lively and talented production of The Misanthrope by Greasy Joan and Co., we were treated to an evening of witty dialogue and outrageously over-the-top comedic performances.
All of which led to contagious laughter that erupted throughout the audience all night. First, credit must go to the genius of Moliere who, when presented with the requisite verve and thespian expertise, still inspires audiences more than three hundred years after his death. Secondly, and no less important the production depended on the direction of Libby Ford and the acting of the whole troupe, but especially the central couple of Kate Cares as Celimene and Kevin Cox (who recently has been performing in an outstanding production of Macbeth - what a breadth of acting skill he has!) as Alceste. The supporting cast was excellent also in moving the comedic action forward to ever greater heights. Of particular note was both the comic pacing and excellent diction of the entire cast in their presentation of the poetic English translation. The evening provided a welcome respite from some of heavier dramatic fare I have been attending in recent months.

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