Saturday, May 24, 2008


One of my favorite pastimes is browsing in used bookstores and, sometimes (often) buying good books. One of the best bookstores I have found is Bookworks on North Clark Street in Chicago (near Wrigley Field). The owners, Bob and Ronda, both friendly and knowledgeable, are welcoming to all. I've been going there for longer than I can remember and have fond memories of buying and selling (when I can part with a book) books over the years. Their offerings are of uniformly high quality especially for readers interested in good literature and I am seldom disappointed since I usually find something on my list. If they do not have the specific book for which I am looking there are always more fine alternate choices than my budget can afford. This time of the year they annually offer their books at sale prices making them even more attractive. In the past I've taken my sister and her husband (also book lovers) to visit Bookworks when they are in Chicago and recommend it to my friends when they are looking for a good book. I can only conclude with the recommendation that all book lovers should visit Bookworks and partake of the fine wine of literature they offer.

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