Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Play Reading

by Gore Vidal

This play, written by Gore Vidal in 1968, is a witty and very humorous look at the nature of politics. "Ripped from the headlines," as they say, it was almost dead on arrival on Broadway in early 1968. However it stands up as a comic vision of a certain time in political history with somewhat prescient moments, including a sly reference to a break in at Democratic Party national headquarters that would actually occur four years later. What made the play interesting to the current audience was its' brilliant dialogue and the complexity of the theme of politics which was addressed at several levels. The machinations within the MacGruder family were just as convoluted as those at the national level of politics. The twists and turns made for an interesting and sometimes surprising evening of theater. TimeLine Theatre Company produced this rare gem as part of their new play reading series. The production was excellent. The readings of Terry Hamilton, Erik Hellman and Penny Slusher as Senator MacGruder, his son Beany and wife Louise, respectively, were outstanding. If this series continues with such excellent fare it will be a welcome addition to TimeLine's fine record of dramatic productions.

TimePieces Play Reading Series from TimeLine Theatre Company

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