Friday, August 31, 2007

Depressed in Paris

Dans Paris

Consider a depressed young Parisian and then add a younger brother and quizzical father and you have the makings of this enigmatic film. Directed and written by Christopher Honore and starring Romain Duris (who I loved in The Beat that My Heart Skipped - a much better film), this film is a mixed bag with avant garde moments and some serious philosophical discussions. The film begins with Jonathan, the younger brother, played naturally by Louis Garrell, narrating an introduction directly to the camera. After this bit of pretentious nonsense we get a story of sorts basically introducing us to the characters through events in their lives and some interesting dialogue, particularly in the latter part of the film. Paul, the older brother, is seriously self-destructive and his attempts to analyze himself through meditation and dialogue at least get him through to the end of the film. If your film tastes run to the slightly bizarre this may be the right film for you.

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