Thursday, May 31, 2007

Running and Inspiration

As I was running in Lincoln Park this morning I was thinking, a common occurrence and side benefit from this activity, about many different things; but thinking in part about inspiration. The running I do for exercise and good feelings, in spite of the occasional pain, I find to be an inspiration for thought and life. While running this morning I meditated on another source of inspiration: a friend whom I had the occasion to see yesterday. He is an inspiration to me in his own dedication to running (marathons, half-marathons and more), and it is this in part that encourages me to run myself and continue to be a runner. Is it this 'inspiration' that is the source of energy for living a life? Perhaps so, along with other sources it seems that it is a bit easier, after a morning on the running trail, to go about the regularities of another day of living this human life.

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