Sunday, March 18, 2007


I enjoyed viewing this French film noir classic directed by the American, Jules Dassin. The opening section of the film slowly and effectively establishes the players, led by Tony (Jean Servais in a stunning performance). Recently released from prison he joins with some friends to attempt a complex jewel heist. Once their plan unfolds the viewer is treated to the amazing and lengthy scene of the robbery itself with absolutely no dialog. Just when it appears that the plan has succeeded it begins to unravel and the suspense continues to build to the final scene. It is this suspense that permeates the film along with the vivid characters who create a memorable world of their own. The scenes of Paris in the fifties are dark but beautiful and the juxtaposition of innocence of Tony's godson with the evil of his own revenge-filled amorality make this a profoundly moving cinematic achievement.

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