Thursday, March 26, 2009

Strange Books

I have not read any of the books pictured above, nor do I plan to do so. They represent the most recent finalists for an award given to what I call (very) strange books.
Since 1978, Bookseller magazine has awarded a prize to the book with the “oddest” title, the winner selected from titles submitted by librarians, publishers, booksellers and the magazine’s readers. The titles chosen for the prize are often unintentionally funny. Some of the previous winners include:

* Versailles: The View From Sweden
* How to Avoid Huge Ships
* Highlights in the History of Concrete
* Greek Rural Postmen and Their Cancellation Numbers
* Bombproof Your Horse

I am unsure which of these may be fiction or non-fiction. Some sound potentially interesting, at least to me (eg. the Versailles book - I wonder if the view from Sweden is more objective than the view from France due to the distance). If you have an interest in the current contest you will find more about it in the Guardian article about this 'Outstandingly Strange Competition'.


Candy Schultz said...

Yes the Versailles book is going to require some research. It could be a reference to the treaty after WWI.

James said...

Apparently these are serious books. For example, Bombproof Your Horse is all about protecting horses for those into riding horses. I don't think they have an answer for the roadside bombs, however.

Candy Schultz said...

They will come up with an answer for roadside bombs about the time they are no longer used. We are always fighting the last war. I forget who said that.

I couldn't find any reviews of the Versailles book but being probably insane I ordered it anyway. I like the title.