Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Commonplace Entry

Quotation for Today

"We live only by lack of knowledge. Once we know, we are at odds with everything. As long as we are ignorance, appearances prosper and preserve a flavor of inviolability which permits us to love and to hate them, to come to grips with them. How match ourselves against ghosts? That is what appearances become when. disabused, we can no longer promote them to the rank of essences. Knowledge, or rather the waking state, produces between them and ourselves a hiatus which is not, unfortunately, a conflict; if it were, all would be well; no, this hiatus is the suppression of all conflicts, it is the deadly abolition of the tragic." ("The Dangers of Wisdom" p 155-56)

E. M. Cioran, The Fall into Time 


Hazel said...

Thats why i switch off my brain every morning.

James said...

Remember, the switch goes both ways.